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05.12.2017 - Article

Notice to users

The purpose of this website is to inform the public. While we regularly review its content and do our best to ensure it is correct, complete, up-to-date and intelligible, we would draw your attention to the following:

Content from other providers

Although any links included on our website are carefully chosen, we have no influence on the content or design of other websites to which you may be referred either directly or indirectly. For this reason we accept no liability or responsibility for their correctness or completeness. This applies both to all links listed on our website and to the content of websites accessed through such links. Furthermore, we accept no liability for contents fed into our website by Deutsche Welle. Particularly, we  exclude liability for news transfered from Deutsche Welle.


We  would be grateful if you could let us know of any illegal content or incorrect information posted on other websites accessed through links on our website. Please let us also know of anything that is erroneous, out-of-date, incomplete or unintelligible on our own website. You can use our contact form to advise us of such problems.


All information posted on our website and all elements of its design are protected by copyright. No information in whole or part may be reprinted, reproduced, translated or processed and used in any other way without our prior written consent. This applies in particular to any documents, pages, data or other items we have generated or published.

Own content

Anything posted on our website pertaining to laws and regulations, official notices and recommendations as well as all other information has been scrupulously checked and is to the best of our knowledge correct. Should you note any inconsistencies, however, the sole authoritative text is the currently applicable version published in the relevant official organ. Recommendations and information relating to legal matters are furnished without any guarantee; we do not provide a legal advice Service.

Personal data

You may be invited to supply private or work contact details (email address, name and address) but please note that this is entirely voluntary. No personal data will be collected without your knowledge and consent.

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