Creating Equality: Empowering Women in rural Areas (March 8, 2018)

Kambodschanische Mädchen auf dem Land

Kambodschanische Mädchen auf dem Land/ Cambodian Girls in the Countryside, © Gwendolin OTT

08.03.2018 - Article

This annual Women Day is focusing particularly on the rights and options for participation of the women in rural areas, who make up more than a quarter of the world’s population. Especially Women in rural areas are profiting the least by the progress of development. Thus the German development policy is willfully strengthening the rural areas.  In doing so, the rights and opportunities of women and girls are always the center of attention.

Yesterday women from all parts of Phnom Penh met at the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center (CDCC) in order to celebrate the 107th International Women Day in the course of which the topics of the right to self-determination for women about her body, the requests of the LGBT-Community, the position of women in the Cambodian media, in the national economy and Women lead in community, as well as the position of men supporting equality. It made itself clear that there are still many challenges to meet, however there has been established a positive track record. In the last year the Kingdom improved its 112th rank to 96 of the Gender Inequality Index of the United Nations.

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