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12.06.2019 - Article

An invitation to join the campaign

At a time when multilateralism is under pressure, it is vital to send a strong message of renewed global commitment to stabilising the rules-based international order, upholding its principles, and adapting it where necessary.

We thus invite partners to join us in a campaign to drive home the message that #MultilateralismMatters. This combined effort will also serve to build up momentum towards the UN General Assembly opening week in September, where the state of multilateralism will be at the forefront of the debates.

To mark the beginning of the campaign, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will host a public event in Berlin on 12 June 2019 that will prominently feature Germany’s support for multilateralism. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian will also host an event in Paris that same day.

We invite you to join in this endeavour by

 posting video messages (testimonials) by Foreign Ministers or Heads of International Organisations on why multilateralism matters to them;

 posting photos of the Foreign Ministers or Heads of Organisations endorsing #MultilateralismMatters on social media outlets;

 organising events in capitals on multilateralism and the rules-based order.

Ideally, these activities would take place on or shortly after 12 June in order to maximise the public impact.

Bound together via a social media campaign spanning the various continents, the initiative will underline that this is a joint effort by a global network of committed multilateralists.

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