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23.09.2019 - Article

In late September, it will be time for the world to meet once more in New York. 193 states are coming to New York to attend the 74th United Nations General Assembly.

And that is important! After all, only together, only through multilateral action, will we be able to make a difference.

I saw this recently during my visit to the Congo: under the UN banner, soldiers and police officers from all over the world are together securing the fragile peace in the east of the country. People from more than 50 countries are working together hand in hand.

There are many such success stories in international cooperation. Take climate and environmental protection: more than 30 years ago, a group of countries committed to ending the use of harmful greenhouse gases to halt the destruction of the ozone layer. This paid off: the ozone layer has since been recovering.

Today more than ever, we face global challenges that we can only deal with together: whether it be climate change, protecting human rights or the digital transformation. We want to champion international cooperation. And it is clear: We can’t do it alone!

For us, it’s clear: together we are strong.

And so, let’s take a stand for multilateralism together!

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