Requirements for Long Term or Working Visa


* if you wish to take up any kind of employment in Germany,
* if you wish to take up a training of longer than three months,
* if you wish to join your spouse presently residing in Germany,
* if you wish to visit a relative or friend in Germany

In addition to the general requirements listed below, the originals as well as 2 photocopies of the following documents (items 2-5) must be provided. All documents must be presented in English or German. Further documents might be requested in individual cases:


Two completed application forms and 3 recent biometric passport photographs


Your passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months. Other than Cambodian passport holders, please provide your Cambodian stay permit


If you wish to take up any kind of employment in Germany, irrespective of the intended duration of your stay, please provide your work contract and proof of previous professional experience or studies.
If you wish to take up employment as a cook in Germany, please provide a proof for your minimum 3 year formal training including a successful examination or a proof of at least 6 years working experience as a cook.


If you wish to take up a professional training of longer than 3 months in Germany, please provide your contract with the German company and a detailed training program along with a letter of invitation from the German company


If you wish to visit a relative or friend in Germany and you intend to stay for more than 90 days, please provide a letter of invitation/sponsorship paper, proof of means of subsistence and a copy of your relative's or friend's German passport / residence permit

Processing Time: In general, visa processing procedures should not exceed 10 weeks but could vary in individual cases.

Additional content

High-quality photos form the basis for the perfect reproduction of the image and are a precondition for the application of facial biometrics in ID documents/visas. Please find the photo requirement for visa application in the pdf file below:

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