Visa Regulation

12.03.2018 - Article

Here you can find out whether you need a Schengen visa for visits to Germany and the Schengen states of up to 90 days. You can find an overview of the countries whose citizens require/do not require visas to enter Germany.  Foreigners wanting to stay longer than 90 days in Germany, who want to work or study in Germany, as a rule automatically need a German national visa.

Visa application forms for German national visa and information leaflets can be obtained from the German Embassy free of charge. Applicants may also download the forms from our homepage. The forms submitted must be original versions (at least one set) of the German Embassy Phnom Penh.

Starting September 1st 2018, the German Embassy will only accept the new application form “Videx” for Schengen visa applications.

First time applicants always have to appear personally for an interview. Applicants who obtained and legally used at least two Schengen visas during the last 24 months do not need to submit their application in person if their fingerprints have been taken during one of those application processes. If fingerprints have not been taken, personal appearance is required.

With effect from October 07, 2013 the German Embassy will start an electronic appointment system for visa applications. From this date onwards, you will have to make an appointment in advance if you wish to apply for a Schengen visa or a German national visa. 

The appointment system enables the Embassy to provide an organised procedure at the entrance. This is to your advantage, as you can schedule an appointment which suits you best and you will not encounter long waiting periods at the entrance. Only applicants will be allowed into the Embassy. Due to lack of space there is no waiting area in front of the Embassy for accompanying persons.

Please read the information about the visa procedure carefully before you make an appointment. You will find this information in this website.

The Embassy recommends that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Once the visa process is completed, you will be contacted by telephone and asked to collect your passport during the visiting hour from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m.

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