Cross-cutting Area: Promoting Good Governance and Democracy


Governance is a way in which a society organizes itself to make collective decisions and take joint action for the benefit of its citizens. Cambodia began the process of improving governance over 20 years ago. A lot has been achieved, but there is still a way to go before all citizens’ benefit from a fair and equitable democratic society. Amidst relatively high economic growth, Cambodia still faces development challenges, particularly regarding human rights, social equity and poverty.

Understanding that there is no definitive path for a country to achieve good governance, Cambodia is now working towards establishing its own approach. Our role in this process is to offer options and to provide advice on how to develop a governance system that meets the needs of the Cambodian people, in particular those of the poor and vulnerable.

Germany works with different stakeholders in government, parliament and civil society to improving governance by promoting citizen participation, transparency, accountability, inclusiveness, human rights and gender equality, with the aim to develop constructive relations between state and society.

We support the Royal Government in carrying out core governance reforms of the Rectangular Strategy Phase III such as Public Administration Reform and Sub-national Democratic Development Reform. Here, we focus on bringing the government closer to the people and promote local governance as well as in making public administration more efficient and accountable to the citizens. We help to improve access to justice for women and to build an independent and fair legal and judicial system.

Good Governance is also an integral part of our cooperation in the priority areas health and rural development, where we pursue a people’s centered and human-rights approach in our programmes and projects and strengthen linkages wherever possible to decentralization, public administration etc.

Given our recent history and experience with the Nazi regime, Germany considers justice and national reconciliation as important building blocks to democratic development and a more just society. We have supported the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia and its Victims Support Section from the beginning, financially and with legal advice. Psychological care, remembrance and truth telling programmes under the Civil Peace Service, involving young people are other key areas in which Germany assists.

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